How to Help Orphaned or Abandoned Children without Parents

War, abandonment, or death plucks young children from their parents, causing irreversible and life-changing damage to the orphaned kids’ brains.

Orphans worldwide deal with isolation; they find themselves alone without parental care.

The world is home to millions of orphans in developed nations like the U.S. and developing countries such as India. According to UNICEF, there’re over 153 million orphans worldwide.

Over 43 million children in developing countries lose their parents to:

  • Armed conflicts
  • AIDS
  • Famine
  • Abuse and poverty-related issues
  • Natural disasters

Charity organizations and compassion programs come in to provide orphans with shelter and basic needs. They keep the orphaned children off the streets and provide them with the important resources they need in life.

Orphans living in orphanages have access to clean water, nutritious foods, education, medical care, and life skills training.

When a young child is orphaned at the age of 5 (a time when the brain is only 90% formed), the event affects how they develop and live the rest of their lives.

With underdeveloped brains, some kids are left with no option but to run away. They struggle to cope and at times never get the chance to catch up with their peers.

Charities address the plight of such children in different ways. For instance, OneSky for all children is a non-profit that offers low-cost, early childhood care for children who’re at risk.

Orphans are everywhere, the world over, with almost every community having traditional orphanages. Therefore, you can reach out to orphans in your community or across the globe to give a helping hand.