Why many Children have no parents

Countless reasons cause a child to be orphaned. Sometimes, these are situations that could be controllable—the following a few amongst many reasons that lead to children being orphaned.

1.   Broken Homes

The rate of divorce and broken marriages is alarming around the globe. Sometimes these situations are not duly managed and many times not followed legally. In many underdeveloped and developing countries, children end up being the grass on which the two elephants fight. They end up leaving the children stranded with no one to care for.

2.   Natural Disaster

While many circumstances can be controlled, a natural disaster is most challenging to manage. Children may end up losing their parents or being separated from them. Floods, earthquakes, and hurricanes, among many others, result in a total catastrophe in children’s lives.

3.   War and Social Unrest

A case study is what is happening in Yemen, Syria, and South Sudan. War and unrest have these characteristics of tearing families apart more than any other thing. The children are left emotionally disturbed and traumatized not knowing if they’d ever see their parents.

4.   Disease Outbreak

The current pandemic has left many homes torn apart, parents are dead, and children are broken. They suddenly realize they have no one to take care of them. So also, is this circumstance with many epidemics ravaging different countries of the globe.

5.   Abandonment

Cases of unwanted pregnancy have led to a rise in child abandonment in recent times. Many mothers, not willing to take care of their babies, abandon them with the orphanages. Some do not care as much; they dump the little child in trash cans or roadside. These children end up as orphans if they ever make it alive.

6.   Untimely Deaths

These can be as a result of accidents or natural deaths. Whichever the outcome is, children lose the privileges they enjoy from their parents.

7.   Poverty

Situations like poverty leave many children wandering in the street in search of a better life. So many parents of poverty ravaged regions are not able to take care of the children. Most become out of school children, having no help in sight.