6 Things You Can Donate to a Children’s Charity

Giving is caring.


“The hand that gives is a blessed hand.” This is a Biblical saying that has inspired many people to give and help the needy and less privileged in the society.

Naturally, human beings are kind and loving.

People help each other and offer charity whenever they can and when needed. Giving depends on an individual’s capability, hence people give differently.

Similarly, people are blessed differently when they give. If you’re not sure whether you should give and why here’re a few reasons to motivate you into giving:

  • It’s a submission to God’s Lordship and obedience to His commands
  • It illustrates god’s salvation and reveals His heart
  • It widens God’s smile and trusts His provisions
  • It promotes God’s sanctification and advances His kingdom
  • It praises God and testifies to His power
  • It helps someone in needy and provides for their basic needs.


There are those that have more than others. Here’re some things you can easily donate to a children’s charity:


  • Money
  • Clothes and shoes
  • Construction resources – welding tools and safety gear
  • School items
  • Hygiene materials
  • Toys


Top 6 Things You Can Donate to Children in a Local Charity


Clothes and shoes


Clothes and shoes are among the basic needs of human beings. However, not everybody can easily afford to wear clothes and shoes of their choice. The most popular item that people easily donate is clothes.

One of the dreams of children is to be smart like their friends. Donating clothes and shoes are among the best ways to touch the heart of an orphan. Therefore, you should make a donation if you’re able to.

Due to changes in fashion, clothes, and shoes piled up in the closets of the rich, with many not being worn.

If you can afford to buy clothes every time a new fashion trend comes up, you’re likely to have lots of clutter in the form of clothes to deal with within your home. Give out the clothes you don’t need to charity; you’ll be helping someone in need while removing clutter from your house.

Most charities accept a variety of clothes and shoes. If you have any that you would like to give away, don’t hesitate to do so. Even if it’s just one cloth you’d like to donate, it’s enough to put a smile on a child’s face.


What’s more beautiful than putting a smile on someone else’s face?


Money is the most efficient thing to donate. It’s often hard to know what certain children’s homes lack. With money, they can buy anything that they need.

Money is flexible, explaining why it’s preferable for donations to be made in monetary forms. What’s more, when you donate money to charity in some countries, you’re likely to win tax rewards.

Visit a charity home and ask the best mode of payment that they would prefer to receive donations. However, you can write them a cheque if there’s some doubt engulfing their decisions.


Construction resources – welding tools and safety gear

Charity homes, like any other home, also need renovations. During the reconstruction of these facilities, construction tools are essential.

In this case, you can donate construction materials or tools to such a charity. You’ll be indirectly helping the children sheltered in the orphanages.

For instance, you can donate welding tools and safety gear. They may include:

  • Welding machines such as flux core welders with built-in gas valve for ease-of-use.
  • Safety glasses
  • Auto-darkening welding helmet
  • Wire brush
  • Welding jackets
  • Boots with a non-slip heel for foot protection.

School Items


Education is the key to a brighter future. For some children, accessing school and the required school supplies is only a dream. Children need so many things to successfully get educated.

If you’re in a position to help an orphan with anything, donate it to a children’s charity. Every child deserves a quality education. Therefore, you’re encouraged to help in any way.

You can put a smile in the face of a child living in a charity home with just a single and simple gesture. Donate school items to help a child get a quality education, and make tomorrow’s leader.

Hygiene materials


What differentiates humans from animals is the good use of minds and hygiene. Everybody is entitled to hygiene. The sad thing is that not everyone can afford hygiene essentials.

People often donate many things, but forget that hygiene materials are essential. These include:

  • Bathroom products
  • Toothpaste
  • Sanitary towels for needy girls
  • Toilet papers and others

It’s good to donate unexpired products so that orphaned children can also enjoy fresh and hygienic products.




Children love games and play.

The fact that some children live in charity homes doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be happy. You can donate various toys and games to charity homes for children to play with.

Games help to boost children’s imagination and moods. Therefore, if you’re capable, find it in your heart to do even just one small thing you may think isn’t important.

You never know how much that small gesture will go a long way in helping an orphaned or abandoned child.

When you make an effort to help poor children and the unfortunate in society, you position yourself strategically to attract blessings.


Poverty is an issue that affects many people worldwide. The group that often suffers the most include children. Therefore, whatever, you donate to a children’s charity goes a long way in feeding and clothing them no matter the size of your donation.

What you think is little may mean an entire world to someone else. Giving and helping others is an act of caring for others. Hopefully, you now have an idea of what you can donate to a charity of your choice.