Skills You Can Sponsor an Orphaned Youth to Learn

Youths are the strongest members of society in terms of physical strength. However, most of them face various challenges. This is truer about orphans without parents to help them achieve their dreams in life.

Many orphaned youth lack the resources to help them build a good life.

Naturally, a person gets help from parents. However, some people have poor parents or no parents, hence can’t get everything that they need in life.

Youth without parents or those who have been abandoned often end up in homes. They need support, just like kids with parents, to get educated and develop important life skills.

Orphaned kids need love from society to survive through life. Here’re a few skills you can sponsor an orphan youth to learn:



  • Software engineering
  • Plumbing skills
  • Welding skills
  • Digital marketing skills
  • Electrical skills
  • Web Design Skills

Top 6 Skills Orphans Can Learn to Become Independent World Citizens

Software Engineering

Software engineering is a high-paying skill that if anybody has, they’re likely to have a smooth and able life. You can take an orphan to a college to study computer science.

Alternatively, enroll them in coding boot camps where they can be taught skills that they need in software engineering.

There are high demands for software development skills. This makes it profitable. The world is currently running on software. Sponsoring an orphan to do this course will be a great stepping stone for them.

Plumbing Skills

There is a lot of construction going on. Every construction project will need a plumber to install water and sewerage lines. Plumbing is a hands-on trade skill that can be very profitable if leaned well.

If the orphan is interested in plumbing, you can sponsor them towards this course without any doubt that they will have a better life in the future. Plumbing entails installing and repairing gas and water supply lines.

They also deal with water and other liquid related appliances and connections. The person will learn how to analyze drawings that determine water supply layouts and how to take appropriate measurements.

Welding Skills

Welding skills are essential in the current market. The world is developing, and with the rise in construction and metal usage, welders are needed. Welding skills give the welder the ability to start their own welding business even if they don’t get employed.

Welders work in automotive and construction industries. Welders learn how to manufacture and repair metal products. They also learn how to fabricate using iron and other metals. Welders also need to know how to read designs so that they can implement them in their works.

The orphans also get to learn how to use flux core welders with gas valve. They’re also taught how to use stick welders that Can Tackle large welding jobs.

Digital Marketing Skills

If the orphan in need of your help has interests inclined towards business and prefer learning digital marketing, you can help them. Digital marketing skills are marketable and most businesses are now operating online.

Many customers are on online platforms and marketing highly pays. You can sponsor the person to learn the following skills that entail digital marketing:

  • Content marketing.
  • They can learn about social media marketing and online advertising.

The orphans can learn more marketing skills apart from the ones mentioned above.

Electrical Skills

An electrician’s work is a hand-on work that entails manufacturing, repairing, servicing, and installing electrical appliances. Sponsor the person to join a quality training institution.

For the student to master the electrician’s work well, they have to take part in practical sessions and also learn through apprenticeship.

Electricians deal with electrical stuff domestically, commercially, and in industries. They’re also taught how to read and interpret electrical designs well.

Web design Skills

Many businesses and institutions have web pages. This is the platform on which they put important information about them and the services they offer. For a good and professional website, they have to employ a web designer.

Web design doesn’t need anyone to go through the complications of learning how to code. It also pays well. If the person you sponsor is interested in web design and they are creative enough, then this is the right channel for them.

If you have some background knowledge of visual design or any art that involves creativity, then you are likely to be a good web designer if you are passionate about it.


It is good to offer genuine help to those who need our help. Orphans have no one to look up to. They belong to the society.

The best way to help anybody is to educate them. Skills are essential for a better life if put into proper use. Everybody needs to learn useful skills to enhance their career and make improvements to their lives.