The children need your support. They are vulnerable and deserve to be heard. They have been through a lot of traumatic experiences in their short lives and they need you now more than ever to help them heal by letting them know that it is ok for them to talk about the things they’ve experienced. These seven reasons why the children trust will show you how important this is for their well-being.

  1. Children need to know they are loved
  2. Children want to feel safe and secure
  3. Children want their parents to be happy
  4. Parents should never compare their children with other people’s children
  5. Parents should never make the child feel guilty about anything, including not doing chores or homework
  6. A child needs a place in the family where they can talk about problems that bother them without being criticized or laughed at
  7. It is important that we show them love and support because it will help them grow up as confident adults who can make good decisions on their own