Creating a Successful Child Matching Event

Creating a successful child matching event is a difficult task. You have to consider things like the crowd you’ll be attracting, the location of your event, and what you’re going to serve at it. If you don’t get these three factors down pat, then the chances are that your event will not be as successful as possible. This blog post will discuss how to create a successful child matching event from start to finish so that everyone has an enjoyable time!


Know the Purpose of Your Event

To create a successful child matching event, it is essential to have an idea of your event’s purpose. The most common reasons for hosting such events are:


  • To raise awareness and educate people about adoption at large
  • To reach out to potential adoptive parents who may not know they can adopt children from foster care
  • To match children with future parents and families


As you can see, there are multiple reasons for hosting a child-matching event. It is essential to know what the purpose of your event will be so that it can achieve its intended goal or goals. Once you have an idea about your child matching event’s purpose, it is essential to start planning for how you will get the word out.

Understand What You Want to Accomplish

Understanding What You Want to Accomplish Before You Begin This is important. It will save you time and stress in the long run. If your goal is to get people together, follow steps one through five below. Otherwise, skip ahead to step six, where I talk about the purposes of a child matching event.

Step One: Calculate Your Budget and Potentially Add a Donation Request Line to the Invitations

If you plan on hosting an internet-based or small-scale physical activity, your budget will be minimal as it is not necessary for labor costs. If you are planning something like a wine tasting with brunch at a country club, you can expect your budget for food and drinks to be much higher.

Step Two: Determine What You Need in Terms of Volunteers

This will depend on the type of event you are hosting. If it is a small-scale activity like an internet-based child matching game where volunteers need their computers or phones, they need to bring their laptops and phones. If you are hosting an event like a wine tasting where there will be many dishes to serve, your volunteers should plan on bringing serving trays or small plates for the food they have been assigned to prepare.

Step Three: Determine What You Need in Terms of Equipment

This is a pretty small list if it’s just technical equipment that needs to be set up. You will need computers or cell phones and laptops along with whatever else your activity requires, like printers for paperless activities if you are hosting one of those types of events.

Step Four: Determine What You Need in Terms of Food/Drink. This is entirely dependent on what type of activity you are hosting. If it’s just an online game and your event lasts a couple of hours, maybe you can get away with having some water bottles and a couple of bags of chips. If you are hosting an event at a country club, your food will need to be fancier. It would help if you planned on having small portions of each dish being served so people can try everything without feeling too full or bloated before moving onto the next item.

It’d be best to include a barbecue to the food served at the event, seeing as it’ll help lift the event mood. You can decide to buy an egg style bbq smoker like Kamado grill or get a propane smoker if you prefer to use gas.

Step Five: Determine What You Need in Terms of Place Setting

If you are hosting an event at a country club, this will be minimal. If it’s just an activity like the one I mentioned before where people could connect online and play together, all you need is paper or printouts for them to use while playing your game.

Step Six: Determine How Your Event Will Benefit Children

This is a significant part of child matching event hosting. If you are simply just trying to get friends together for fun, don’t worry about this step, but if your goal is an actual cause or charity organization that you will be supporting with the activity at your event, then make sure everyone who comes to your event is aware of what your cause or charity is and how they can help.

Your objective here should be that every person who attends the activity at least makes a small donation. If not, it provides you with regular monthly contributions for as long as it can. If all the attendees just come once, it will be challenging to make this event a success.

Step Eight: Plan Your Event’s Outcomes The primary outcomes you want to be sure of when planning your child matching activity is that every person who attends leaves with a better understanding and appreciation for whatever it is you are trying to accomplish as well as any awareness they may now have about how they can help in their way if they are not in a position to do what you had initially intended for this event to accomplish.

Step Nine: Make Sure All Participants Are Eligible

You will need to make sure all participants, whether guests or the employees of your company who helped organize and host the activity are aware that they must follow any guidelines or rules set by whatever organization they are supporting with this activity.

Step Ten: Keep It Simple

The last tip for hosting a successful child matching event is to keep the rules clear and the activities simple so that everyone can enjoy themselves while making their contributions towards whatever your charity or cause happens to be.