Ways you can help

Charitable ways to help an orphan

  • Establish a rescue center or orphanage to care for orphaned children

You can start an NGO or rescue center to help orphans in your community. With a registered organization and funding, you can actively rescue kids from forced labor, abusive family situations and the streets.

This is a great way to care for abandoned and forgotten children just as you’d care for your own. You can then mobilize people to fund and support your organization.

  • Feed malnourished children

Many orphaned children without proper shelter go to sleep without food. They live without knowing if they’ll have their next meal.

You can donate food to rescue centers and orphanages to ensure that every orphan under their care eat nutritious meals just like other kids with families.

Your food donation ensure that all hungry kids are fed so they don’t have to worry about going without a meal.

  • Provide clean, safe water to orphaned children

Water is a basic human need.


Even orphans need it to live.

Although fatalities have reduced over the decades, hundreds of thousands of kids worldwide still drink contaminated water. Dirty water is a leading cause of death worldwide, especially in developing nations.

Drought is a major reason abandoned and orphaned children lack access to clean water for drinking. This explains the need to keep children hydrated wherever they are.

You can donate water filters and deep water wells to non-profit organizations caring for kids.

  • Introduce orphans to the love of God

Many times, children struggle to cope with their living situations and life without parents. This is especially true if they initially had the chance to live with their families before a disaster hit.

Most orphanages and NGOs are first churches or founded on the same.


Young children are likely unaware of the presence of God and never heard about His kindness and eternal love. But, with a donor like you, the situation cannot remain the same.

Support orphanage pastors to continue teaching the children about God and His word in the Bible. You can donate money to support evangelism and teaching.

  • Sponsor orphans

Many orphans in developing countries live in poverty and on less than a dollar per day.

Sponsor a child to let him or her know how much you love and care for them. You can do this directly or find an existing program designed to offer them with nutritious food, clean water and opportunities for education.

Sponsor orphaned children to get education. It empowers children, including orphans to live better lives and raises their living standards.

  • Provide aid to vulnerable children

Find out if there’re adopting and fostering families in your local community or church to discuss how you can support orphans and their new families.

Motivate your church to be a part of such initiatives.

  • Pray

You can also pray to God to protect vulnerable children such as orphans. Ask God to bring trustworthy adults to intervene and advocate for the children.

Pray that all orphans worldwide can have an encounter with the hope and healing power of Jesus!

  • Become a foster care parent or adopt a child

Married couples can use programs to become a foster care family or an orphaned child’s adoptive parent. With experience raising a family, you can be recruited to offer permanent, loving foster care to orphans.

This is truer about children with emotional, physical or cognitive challenges that prevent or delay their adoption.

Instead of spending their young lives in orphanages and related institutions, the kids grow up in loving families. They also receive special care through early childhood intervention programs.

Other ways to be a change-maker in the lives of orphans to put a smile on their faces include:

  • Organizing fundraiser activities
  • Creating awareness of the issue
  • Donating money
  • Volunteering your time
  • Mentor or tutor