Who Are we?


About Us

Katherine, a beautiful soul of 12years, lost her parents at age 5. She wandered the slums of Sierra Leone with no particular resting place and begged from street to street just to survive. Classroom Education was the least of her worries, not minding how much she wished for it. Her first desire was to survive the intermittent sickness that troubled her.

When Emily Kant, one of our associates, noticed her at age ten on a visit to one of the slums, she was nothing good to behold. She tried to enquire about her but couldn’t gather any specific details. Kath’s memory wasn’t clear enough to even remember much about her parents. We took her and made every possible move to offer her a better future. Now you can see for yourself that two years later, little destitute Kath has turned a pretty damsel.

Children are the target of this humanitarian organization. We give them better hope and condition to live a trouble-free life. Mostly, non-parented children are our primary concern. Every child deserves a home, a mother to take care of s/he and a father to provide and protect. Our work is to lift lonely children like Katherine from severe conditions and provide a peaceful home for their upbringing.


To give every non parented child a chance to escape loneliness. To ensure we rescue as many children as possible from the cruelty of child labor, insecurity, and molestation. Our passion is fueled by the past experiences of our associates, who wished it was a little better. We believe that every child deserves parental care and shelter. Even a kitten does, after all.


It all began when our founder decided to foster two homeless kids. Since then, we have gone over the continents of the globe, offering aid and assistance to homeless kids. Our vision is to see that every child is parented and well nurtured. While orphanages serve their purpose, we believe the best for a child is to be fostered by parents. We will provide as many homes to as many children we’re able to reach.