Children’s Charity

What we do

Lifting children from homelessness and helping secure their future.

About The Founder

Dr. Keith B. Kincaid is a well-traveled international aid volunteer. Having spent the first 20yearsof her life homeless and destitute. She mostly attributes her survival as a miracle but wishes that no child is to experience such. She’s devoted her entire life to seeing that children don’t pass through what she did.

Dr. Keith has spent a significant part of her life working in collaboration with UNICEF. Driven by intense passion as a medic, she’s channeled all her attention to children-health

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To Help a Child is an Honor

The trials that a child goes through being alone without any parents is unimaginable. Not every child can go through it successfully, so we are here to help those kids and make it a little easy and less painful for them.

Why Children do not have parents

  • Broken Homes
  • Natural Disaster
  • War and Social Unrest
  • Disease Outbreak
  • Abandonment
  • Untimely Deaths
  • Poverty

” We Make a Living by What We Get, But We Make a Life by What We Give”